SHIZU is a Japanese singer, songwriter and novelist.


As a child, SHIZU' was a sensitive and creative girl. She prefered singing with her father's classical music records, drawing pictures and making stories, rather than playing with friends.
She found that music had a healing power for her.

SHIZU' started to write poems and lyrics when she was an early teenager.
When she was a high-school girl, SHIZU' was asked to sing in a cover rock band. While performing in that band, she won first place in a contest for best vocalist.
After she graduated from school, SHIZU' moved to Sapporo and Tokyo and started taking voice lessons and teaching herself English.

Then in 2002, a Swedish independent label released her single CD. The following year, she gave live performances in Skelleftea, Sweden.
Her voice started to attract people's attention.
In 2003, a Japanese independent label released her single CD and in 2004, she appeared in a video-clip of JAPANGUIDE.ORG as a Japanese artist in Stockholm, Sweden.
Following her popularity in Sweden, SHIZU' became interested in songwriting and began cllaborating and recording with various composers from the UK, USA including a pop group from Slovenia, and American producer Christopher Currell.
2008, mp3 album "Seasoning" was released from Musicman store, and one of songs from that album, "Be Good" (worked with Anthony Tibbs) took 2nd position at the chart of Musicman store. And the same year, SHIZU' performed with Russian popular band UMBELA in Moscow, Russia and that was successful.
2008, A German label Clubstar Records released a compilation CD including her Japanese song,"Yasashii Kimochi - Angel Heart" (worked with SKUFF).
2009, a Taiwan label High Note Records released a compilation CD including "Yasashii Kimochi - Angel Herat" too.
2010-2011, SHIZU worked with Naoki Kenji and CD album "Shiokaze" was released from 4mpo.

2011, SHIZU released her first novel Angel Eyes on the internet.
2013, She signed a publishing contract with a publisher. She has started to build her career as a Novel writer.








Aoi kami-ni Umarete

Peridot-no chou-ga mautoki

Pastel-no Mukougawa 

and more...(Iruka Netbooks)
Angel Eyes - the secret of Dr. Sharllo- (



Shiokaze /Naoki Kenji

Umi Prelude, Umi No Oto, Kitai Sasete,

Hoshi and Kitai Sasete Night Remix

(2011 4mpo)

- the Journey Continues

Umi-no Oto is included

(2010 Speicherstadt)


(2009 High Note Records, Taiwan)
"Yasashii Kimochi - Angel Heart- " 

(2008 Clubstar Records, Germany)
"Yasashii Kimochi - Angel Heart- "

(2003 mjq*label. Japan)

(2002. Yellowjazzmin, Sweden)



"Yasashiikimochi -Angel Heart" as downloading MP3.
(2005 SKUFF.CO.UK.)

Mp3Album "Seasoning"

(2008 Musicman Store)




Internet Radio Mondabe (2010)
"Ready Or Not Here I Am" as Ending song

Internet Radio Tokushima, Japan (2010)
"Yasashii Kimochi -Angel Heart"

Greg & Burt Show - Valantines Special, Amazing Radio in UK.(2010)
"Yasashii Kimochi -Angel Heart"

"Track Of The Week on the radio, Amazing Radio in UK.(2010)
"Arashi-no Drive -Driving in the storm"

"Ready Or Not Here I Am"
was selected for Musicmon Radio, Japan. (2010)

"Be Good"
was selected for the Musicmon Radio, Japan. (2008)

KLASFM in LosAngels, USA. (2005)
"Walk For My New Life"

FMPalulun at mito, ibaraki in Japan. (2003)
"Time Passes" for a week.

Appeared the video-clip of JAPANGUIDE.ORG as a Japanese artist.(2004



Live in Skelleftea, Sweden (2003)
Shinnosuke Shibata's event, 24.5 (2007)
UMBELA feat. SHIZU' in Moscow, Russia (2008)